My name is Bob Hayes and I have been involved in internet marketing since 2007. I grew up in a time before PC’s, Facebook and iPads. In fact, the first computer that I ever saw was a mainframe that a relative who owned an auto parts store purchased to keep up with his inventory and billing. It was like 10 feet long and probably weighed a ton. I just could not believe that he would spend $70k for a machine, and that was in the 1980’s.

I got my first taste for what an actual personal computer could do, when I convinced my wife to let me spend $2500 that we didn’t have, to purchase one. I was amazed at the possiblilties of what could be accomplished with a dial-up internet connection, a machine with a 386 intel processor and a  256kb of ram.

I worked with my father in the family owned printing business from 1976 until the time we shut it down in 2011. It was my full-time job from the day I graduated high school in 1982 until that point. My father was an old school newspaper guy that did the typesetting with a Compugraphic Jr. machine. He learned to type using a linotype machine that melted the letters for the newspaper into lead.

After showing him my shiny new PC and what it could do, we purchased one for the print shop along with an inkjet printer to typeset jobs. He had lots of trouble learning how to use the computer, so I became the new graphics designer for the company, which was fine by me. I had been the press operator and didn’t really enjoy that duty most of the time.

The first software packages that we bought were Corel Draw 3 and later Aldus Pagemaker. I spent many hours teaching myself how to use them. We later purchased Microsoft FrontPage and I became the webmaster for the company also!

At that point I started creating websites at home, at night after work. I have now been building and running websites full time since June 2011. I really enjoy creating websites that people find useful. Templates and printables from my sites are downloaded thousands of times each day.


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